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C o m p l e t e   l i s t   o f    w o r k s

Nach Kandinsky: drei Impressionen for piano (2021)

Io nel pensier mi fingo for flute, bass flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2019)

L'eau et la baigneuse for string orchestra (2019) - second version*

Good body, I thank thee! for soprano, baritone and full orchestra (2019)

Singing skies of Istanbul for full orchestra (2018)

I gordi opera project for four singers, choir and chamber orchestra (2015)

O.H.I.O.-ObstHaine Im Oktober opera for five singers and chamber orchestra (2014-2015)

Il limo, il cristallo for string quartet (2014)

Il sogno, il naufragio opera project for six singers and full orchestra (2014)

La tempesta perfetta for three spatialized ensembles (2013)

Lohengrin, Bologna -1871 chamber opera for three singers, actor, dancer and cello quartet (2013)

Khamma for tromba, cello and piano (2012)

Drohende Gefahr, Angst, Katastrophe for three spatialized ensembles (2012)

L'eau et la baigneuse for two string quartets (2012) - first version*

Malebolge - Cantica seconda for bass-baritone and chamber ensemble (2012-2013)

La morte di Clorinda for soprano, tenor, baritone and ensemble (2011)

Tierkreis - Cancer and Virgo for soprano and ensemble (2011)

Il Canto di Cocito - Cantica prima for soprano and chamber orchestra (2011)

Stelle for mezzo-soprano and big ensemble (2011)

L'inquietudine dell'attesa for bass clarinet and piano (2010)

Torquato Tasso opera project for five singers, actor and chamber orchestra (2010)

Contrapunctus for alto saxophone (2010)

Helene opera for mezzo-soprano, actor and chamber orchestra (2009)

La Giovane Armata for clarinet, percussions and piano (2009)

Il serpente for soprano and ensemble (2008)

Leida opera for three singers, choir and chamber orchestra (2007-2008)

Purificatio for choir (2008)

Katharsis for piano (2007-2008)

Or poserai per sempre for baritone and piano (2003)

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